Tuesday, 24 May 2016

One day

18.......If life was a day, our childhood is done by 4.30 in the morning.
27.......For you, at 6.45, perhaps the sun has only just risen.
48.......Midday comes and goes.
55.......The sun has gone past its height by a 1.45, 
           but the day could be hotter than it has ever been.
           The afternoon stretches before us.
           These are the lazy afternoons, relaxed, perhaps the best. Enjoy these hours.
64.......By 4pm, we can take it easy. Maybe finish work early. Have fun.
72.......By 6 it's starting to cool.We think of pulling on another layer, 
           We huddle closer to the fire.
           The warmth is fading, the sky a deeper blue.
           Each moment becomes more precious with the fading light.
           Sun sets. But there is yet life to be enjoyed.
           We hope we are home with our loved ones.
88.......But 10 o'clock comes and goes and hours are not so common as minutes.
96.......Until the distant midnight chimes to leave the day for others
           Or on for a few more fleeting moments? 
           A glimpse of tomorrow?

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