Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow thoughts

Why isn't it spelt (or spelled) snough?
It was pretty deep stuff, but still some people like whizzing around it in their 4WD trucks pulling people out of the snow.
Thoug some people complain that we don't know how to cope with snow, but seriously, it only happens for a few days each year and for many people it's simply another 'bank' holiday.
The news organisations certainly enjoy it. It enables them to run their "paralysed Britain" stories.
I must say, it's pretty awful for passengers to be stuck on trains or aeroplanes for hours not going anywhere. What I find most awful is that companies such as Southeastern (see the story and the response) don't move heaven and earth to provide hot drinks and food for their customers. If you worked for them you'd surely be phoning everyone you knew to get a four-wheel drive to call by the nearest takeaway...wouldn't you? Go on, use my credit card you'd say. Think of the positive publicity you'd get. Think of the kudos. Has no-one got any idea of how extraordinary circumstances require and extraordinary response?

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