Monday, 29 June 2009

For you the war is over...

I think I've finally done it. Click above for the soundtrack.
After building the compound, digging a trench, strategically relocating flower pots and now, building a cunningly angled inner wall...the tortoise is now contained.
She is currently sitting, sulking, in her hut either playing with a baseball or....or digging!
(By the way, she's called Gerry...honestly)


  1. Phil

    Are you sure that Gerry is a girl? I mean have you sexed her or him? It is easy to make a mistake. The new pen looks like Guantanamo or something out of the Great Escape. Do you know which famous Hollywood actor appeared in the Great Escape as an actor, but was not in the credits?
    A month's free lettuce if you get the answer
    Nick Wilde

  2. Amazing - I must find out how you did it as my girls woudl love to have one. I heard them described once as an 'evil legacy' by someone who had bought one to leave to his least favourite relative inhis will, on the premise that it would outlive the recipient!

  3. Now that IS wierd.
    1) The photo is a mock up
    2) Tortoises seem to be quite intelligent and certainly persistant in their escape attempts.
    3) As I mentioned there is a tortoise sanctuary (and they'll sell you one and help with advice)