Friday, 20 July 2007


I have real problems with photos...any advice?


  1. Do u mean linking photos?
    There should be a button to upload photos on the new post page.

    I came across you page through Lee's page and am in the process of trodding on the grass.

  2. and by trodding I mean trotting : )

  3. Thanks Jujee,
    I think (as you can see) I've cracked the picture stuff - I guess I was trying to find a simple cust and paste or link function. At the moment I am uploading and saving which works but is clunky and slow.
    Glad you're trotting or treading on the grass. There's so much to be said for deciding to take the 'wrong way' like a new route to work or a way that people say can't be done - somthing happens in your synapses that makes you a different person.
    Thanks for the message.